Syltech Sensors - Glass Fast Response IAT - Pre Cooler (Exposed Glass Tip)

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MSTS Series Glass Fast Response IAT - Pre Cooler (Exposed Glass Tip) [LAT G25]

Includes: Optioned Mating Connector: DTM06-2S / DTM06-2S-E007
w/ PVC Protection Cap (Protect glass element in transport)

Description: Deutsch DTM Connector/Flylead Option
Open Exposed Long SS Shell 1/8" NPT Thread
Glass Element -40 to 250degC

Features: Glass encapsulated element to ensure fastest air temperature responses.

Best Use Examples: Air Temps - Intake Manifold, Cooler Pipe, Turbocharger Hotside (Pre Cooler Side)
Best use with welded bungs ensuring element tip produdes.
Element aimed for higher temps than regular air temp elements, suited for average temps around 80-110degC