Syltech Sensors - Fluid Temp Sensor (Low Clearance Stub Tip w/ Flyleads)

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MSTS Series Fluid Temp Sensor (Low Clearance Stub Tip w/ Flyleads)  [CST E20]

Includes: ~11" of pretwisted 22awg Tefzel flyleads with recovered DR25 & SCL lengths, w/ PVC Protection Cap
Optioned DTM Connector Set: DTM06-2S & DTM04-2P

Description: Deutsch DTM Connector/Flylead Option
Closed SS Shell 1/8" NPT Thread
Epoxy Element -30 to 200degC

Features: Closed, short tip ended, flyleads for tight places. Filled with thermal transfer compound.

Best Use Examples: Oil Temps, Coolant Temps, Fuel Temps
Best for fitment in hose adapters with low clearance not blocking flow.
Element aimed for higher temps than regular air temp elements, suited for average temps around 80-110degC