Syltech Sensors - Fast Response IAT (Regular Caged Tip)

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MSTS Series Fast Response IAT (Regular Caged Tip) [IAT E15]

Includes: Optioned Mating Connector: DTM06-2S / DTM06-2S-E007
w/ PVC Protection Cap (Protect glass element in transport)

Description: Deutsch DTM Connector/Flylead Option
Open Caged Caged SS Shell 1/8" NPT Thread
Epoxy Element -40 to 150degC (Matches Popular GM Calibration)

Features: Multistrand element leads, coated and sealed construction to avoid shorts caused by moisture pooling within the sensor often seen with ethanol fueled engines.

Best Use Examples: Air Temps - Intake Manifold, Cooler Pipes (Post Cooler Side)
Best use with welded bungs ensuring element tip produdes.
Element matches GM element (popular use) suited for average temps around 50-80degC