JZA80 HVAC LED Conversion Kit

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This is a LED Conversion Kit from JP LedWorx. 

It is the closest thing you will ever get to the "Easiest" plug and play kit for your JZA80 HVAC unit. 

This has 3D printed Housings so no more of the days chopping and cutting the OEM factory ones (Can keep these if you ever wanted to go back to OEM bulb style) and with it being 3D printed it offers the best even distributed lighting on the unit. 

The Indicator lights (ones above the buttons) are the only ones that require soldering or you can keep them as per OEM green if you don't feel comfortable with soldering. Even better if you do want to change them and aren't confident we will offer an installation service which is an option for this listing. 

Note: This comes with a 1 year warranty and second year comes as a gentlemans agreement. Please expect anywhere from 2-10 business days for the turnaround on installation.