Mako Motorsports Nissan R34 Skyline Dash Mount

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The Nissan R34 cluster mounts suite all 10th Generation Nissan Skyline series vehicles. Both left hand drive and right hand drive variants.

This mount is a plug-and-play mount which replaces the factory cluster allwing you to mount you aftermarket dash as cleanly and easily as possible.

Simply remove your OEM cluster, install your mount and wire up your new dash. The surrounding trim then screws back in place in front of the mount to get a clean, OEM look on the finished install.

Select your aftermarket dash and we'll cut all the mounting holes for you perfectly everytime. If you want the cleanest the install possible, upgrade to the recessed pocket option so that the screen of your display sits flush with your new mount.

These mounts are made from ABS plastic similar to most OEM interior trim pieces. We also make sure to overengineer all of our mounts so that even as your 1000hp+ motor shakes the bolts loose on your car your cluster mount will never fail.

Mako Motorsport products are designed and sold for racing use only.